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Crab egg drop soup. Growing up, my family had a tradition of eating lunch at our local little Chinese restaurant every single Saturday. And every single Saturday — like, we're talking nearly two. Break up any large pieces of egg, if necessary.

Crab egg drop soup The procedure is simple and easy to follow. The broth was first boiled and then the rest of the ingredients. Cooking notes for Egg-Drop soup: Give the starch mixture a good and thorough whisk before adding it into soup – that way it doesn't turn into a large lump.

Sudah siap memasak?. Jadi ternyata memasak Crab egg drop soup yang lezat ini hanya memakai 10 bahan dan dalam 4 langkah saja bun. Alamak mudahnya. Berikut cara menyiapkan Crab egg drop soup.

Bahan-bahan yang diperlukan untuk membuat Crab egg drop soup

  1. Siapkan 1 liter air.
  2. Ambil 2 butir telur.
  3. Diperlukan 100 gr daging kepiting.
  4. Siapkan 1 genggam batang asparagus.
  5. Siapkan 1 batang daun bawang.
  6. Diperlukan 1 kotak/kaleng krim jagung.
  7. Diperlukan 1 sdm tepung maizena.
  8. Siapkan 1 sdm kecap asin.
  9. Siapkan secukupnya lada putih.
  10. Siapkan secukupnya garam.

After adding the egg mixture, immediately turn off the heat and give it a good stir (this will lead to a fluffy and velvety egg in the soup). Egg drop soup (Chinese: 蛋花湯; pinyin: Dànhuātāng) is a Chinese soup of wispy beaten eggs in boiled chicken broth. Condiments such as black or white pepper. This Egg Drop soup is born from a love of the soup and MANY trips to my favorite Chinese restaurant (asking them many questions) resulting in this variation.

Cara memasak Crab egg drop soup

  1. Didihkan air dalam panci, masukkan potongan asparragus, daging kepiting, krim jagung dan daun bawang masak hingga mendidih.
  2. Kocok telur dengan menambahkan 2 sendok sayur air panas kedalamnya, lalu tuang kedalam rebusan air, diamkan.
  3. Aduk saat telur sudah mengapung ke permukaan dan tambahkan tepung maizena yang sudah di cairkan, aduk rata.
  4. Tambahkan garam, kecap asin dan lada, siap dihidangkan dengan saus sambal.

Compare it to your local restaurant. Soup can be re-heated or frozen and re-heated. This egg drop soup is commonly prepared for special occasions and is especially popular during Chinese New Year. For those who still consume Boil together chicken stock, ginger, crab meat, asparagus, and corn. Return to a boil, add corn starch.

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